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Code of Conduct

Last Updated: February 27, 2020

The Code of Conduct outlines proper behavior, such as active inclusion, respect for student-teacher relationships, consent-based touch, and honesty in communications within RYS and RYT programs, classes, and other offerings.

The Code of Conduct applies to every Yoga Alliance member. It sets out acceptable, recommended, required, and prohibited professional and ethical behaviors by which members agree to conduct themselves and is based upon core values intrinsic to the practice of yoga.

The Code is an integral part of the overall Ethical Commitment to which a member must accept, along with Yoga Alliance’s Scope of Practice, position on equity, and all other Yoga Alliance policies.

In addition to the creation of relevant and useful tools and resources, Yoga Alliance will also host member conversations about the changes to the Code of Conduct. These dialogues will help to increase shared accountability amongst this voluntary community and advance our goal of fostering high quality, safe, accessible, and equitable yoga teaching.


Extracted from the Code of Conduct.

Yoga Alliance™ and the Yoga Alliance Foundation™ envision a world in which access to high quality teaching and practicing of yoga is equitable for all and elevates collective wellbeing and human consciousness. The purpose of the Code and the overall Ethical Commitment is to foster safe and respectful guidelines for the profession of teaching yoga and to assure that Yoga Alliance members maintain a high level of teaching ability and accountability.

By defining and requiring high standards of professional and ethical conduct, Yoga Alliance seeks to promote confidence and respect for members throughout yoga communities and the public at large. This includes: (a) broadening the public understanding of the role of the Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT™); (b) ensuring and upholding professional behavior within the Yoga Alliance community; (c) developing and encouraging high standards of professional conduct; and (d) promoting and protecting the interests of the profession of yoga teaching and of the Yoga Alliance members we serve.

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Support for an Ethical Code of Conduct. Standards Review Project Survey, 2018

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