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Best CSGO case opening websites in 2023

Those who are close to the gaming world know at least approximately what CS GO cases are. But for beginners, this concept may be completely unfamiliar, and these very cases are an important part of the game, while keeping its popularity for a very long time. Cases are special in-game items. These items can be displayed in the game inventory, while the player himself can easily sell these items if desired. Cases themselves are boxes, but the value is what falls inside these boxes.

To the great chagrin of the players, it is very difficult to open each such case, because there is also a certain key for each of the cases. The player can get such a key during the game or by purchasing it on the marketplace. And to open the case, you can use a special platform. But what? List of csgo case opening sites will be discussed further.

  1. What is the best CSGO case opening website 

Case opening sites csgo are an alternative way to open cases in CS:GO. However, they usually provide players with better deals than they could get from a CS:GO case. This is because these websites create custom cases with useful skins and then price the case based on the prices of the skin in the community market. So, if you are looking for a good case opening site at lower prices than the official store, and want to get reliable information about sites that provide case opening services, then you should carefully study this article.

  1. Bloodycase 

This case opening site is popular in the world of games, its merits have already been appreciated by about 5 thousand users around the world. And it has quite a few advantages, among them are:

  • the ability to open up to 5 cases after registration is absolutely free;
  • a good selection of cases with good skins and exclusive weapons;
  • convenient and clear interface of the site;
  • affordable prices for opening boxes;
  • action on the website of the Provably Fair system;
  • loyalty program for users.

No deficiencies have been identified on this csgo case opening site.

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    1. CSGO Case 

The site has proven itself well, boasts a large number of positive reviews. They note the variability of payments, quick withdrawals, the presence of a loyalty system that allows you to save coins, etc. It is one of the best case opening site csgo.

  1. Farmskins 

No wonder it is included in the best csgo case opening sites. Good ergonomics, payment variability (the site accepts many different payment methods, including G2A Wallet, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill and more), cryptocurrency acceptance - these are just some of the points that this service can boast of. True, it is not without its shortcomings. Since the service works with a lot of games, the service sometimes leaves much to be desired. 

  1. Hellcase: csgo case opening site

This site is trusted by users. It has been on the gaming services market since 2016 and really boasts a huge list of advantages, including:

  • quick output of the received artifacts;
  • the ability to register users from all over the world;
  • bonuses for users (free case unlocking, daily cases and more).

But the interface of the site leaves much to be desired and it would be nice if the developers worked on it.

  1. Daddyskins 

DaddySkins is a case opening platform launched in 2017. It is among the preferred websites of players as it offers a high win rate, great new features, solid support and many daily promotions. Case opening isn't all they do, as they also offer a variety of games to customers, such as Arenas and Jackpot. DaddySkins allows you to quickly deposit and withdraw funds, however, it only allows you to withdraw them in ethereum. The downside of the site is the lack of live chat support. 

  1. Can you open CSGO cases for free 

You can get free cases when you play CSGO, but with the keys everything is not so simple. However, this does not mean at all that opening cases for free will not work. Below are some ways that you can get free case openings:

  • some csgo case opening websites give bonuses for registration in the form of free case openings (1 or even 5, depending on the resource);
  • draws of case openings (this is often done in the style of a lottery);
  • there are csgo free case opening sites that will give you a free case for completing certain simple tasks, such as referring a friend to the site, liking one of their social media posts, or completing a survey, among other things;
  • deposit bonus;
  • activity on the site: as a regular user of some sites, you can get a free case.

While the items you get from free cases are often common, occasionally a rare item drops, and it's free and completely legal anyway.

  1. Are CSGO skin websites legit 

The best csgo case opening sites 2023 that we wrote about above operate on completely legal conditions. By trusting them with your personal data, you do not need to worry about legality, confidentiality, etc. The work of resources is built transparently and therefore there is no reason to worry. Turning to other resources, you should be extremely careful, as there is a risk of losing control over your accounts and losing money.

CS GO weapon cases are a type of container, along with capsules, souvenir sets, graffiti boxes and «Radical - StatTrak», to open which you need to purchase a special key. If the game captivated you and you cannot imagine yourself without progressing in it, then this article was definitely useful for you, as it will allow you to find a suitable cs go case opening websites for opening cases (on more favorable terms than the game offers).