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How much does a yoga teacher get paid for a class?

I want to do some financial planning around how much I can earn as a yoga teacher. Can anyone help?

You set the wage.

Some Establishments pay you by the hour and others ask you to invoice them. Make sure you put please pay in 30 days or you will be charged. Some compaines take forever to pay you.

How much do you think you are worth? Seriously, thou from experience if you charge to much people will not come and if you are too cheap, people will think you are rubbish.

Why not telephone others and find out how much they get paid in your areas.

I teach meditation and I charge £20 - £30 per hour. It depends where I work in the country and who I am teaching.
For kids its more cheaper than adults.

If you want any more info, email me.

Good luck . Blessed Be X



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