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Self Help for Baby Boomers to Deal With Recession

Worry, financial crunch, debts, hiring freezes, pension losses, are words that we as baby boomers will forever associate with recession and hard times. We may not be able to change the situation of the economy on our own, but we can certainly take steps to retain our sanity in these tough times and at least try to come out stronger! The following tips may help:

Boomers: Use the law of attraction-

You may or may or may not believe in the law of attraction, but there’s no harm in trying it, if it makes you feel good. Think of it this way, does thinking about your debts or wondering if you will be able to retain your job, do you any good? If you don’t believe in the law of attraction then you may be of the opinion that focusing on attracting money or a new job won’t do you any good either, but you can’t deny that it will make you feel good! Now you may be wondering, what’s the use of feeling good! Well, when you feel good you are more likely to take advantage of an opportunity if it comes your way! A person who has a positive attitude feels good; he/she will look at finding solutions instead of mulling over problems.

One of the reasons why people refuse to believe in the law of attraction is because of the argument that unless you worry about a negative outcome, you can’t be prepared to deal with it. This argument is flawed; and we baby boomers should understand that. You may have noticed that when you are in a negative frame of mind, you are hardly ever able to find any solutions, it’s only when you tell yourself, “okay, things might not go my way in the future, but so what, I’ll look for a way out!” that a boomer’s years of experience highlight our previously learned survival skills. Looking for a way out and expecting everything to turn out well is what the law of attraction is about. When you focus on a positive outcome, you get a positive outcome!

Boomers:Infuse yourself with positive energy now

Have you noticed how certain places like monasteries, churches, mosque, temples or any place of worship feels calm and serene or how a messy room or a hospital can make you feel anxious or agitated? The reason is that places which make you feel calm are infused with positive energy and those with negative energies make you feel uncomfortable. Why we are talking about energy here is to explain how we react to positive and negative energies. Energy is all around us, all matter is made up of energy, however in the case of energies opposites don’t attract! Therefore to attract good luck or good opportunities into your life you must ensure that you are infused with positive energy. You may have noticed how opportunities seem to land at the door of positive thinkers or how everyone is drawn to happy people; their positive energies attract friendship, admiration and opportunities. The following tips may help you infuse yourself with positive energy:

· Try to think positive

· Replace that frown with a smile! Look for reasons to smile

· Don’t keep any bills in your wallet, clear it of all miscellaneous scraps of papers, that’s a way of subtly telling yourself that you are ready to receive money

· Meditate, do yoga or exercise regularly

· Eat well, you are less likely to feel irritated, frustrated or angry when your stomach is full

Finally the most practical advice, Save! But boomers do remember that saving does not mean being stingy, it means being sensible and smart.

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 Yoga For Baby Boomers

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