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Things you can try with your Broken iPhone

Breaking an iPhone seems to be massive damage to many. These phones are pretty expensive and even repairing the broken ones can appear to be costly. Although the casing is metal, the glass can have an impact on the interface. Also if your iPhone breaks, it does not necessarily mark the end. There are certain things you should be trying with it.

Sell the parts

Various online and offline markets accept the spare parts of the broken iPhone. Do not expect much money in return for it is a non-functioning one. The money you will receive for your broken phone will be decent enough for you to get a new phone. You can prefer selling it directly to the market. However, if you have data on your phone, you should not sell it.

Use it for the drop test

This may be effective if you have soaked your phone. If you have been earning by posting videos on the internet, you should prefer performing the drop tests. It will help you get a brief idea of how durable the phone is. Your drop test may not be as useful as others, but it can provide an insight into how strong beating can the phone withstand.

Turn it into a wallet

You should prefer turning your iPhone into a creative wallet if you have broken it and have no further use. There are various videos on the internet which will help you turn your broken iPhone into a wallet. However, it entirely depends on the model of the phone you have been using. Although you cannot be sure of the design, you can try it.

If you are not ready to give up on your iPhone, you should prefer getting it repaired from any affordable place like It can expertly help you with the technical screen repairs.