The Secret to Your Productivity: Things That Stir Your Soul


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 The Secret to Your Productivity: Things That Stir Your Soul

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By Pamela Haack

From product creation to social media to branding, I just bet you’re constantly having to choose from a plethora of ways to create, campaign and attract more clients. And, of course, you have to have to do all of that while staying focused and productive so that you can grow your business. Whew! What a cycle of stress!

But, sadly, the one thing that all of us need to maintain our productivity - the one thing that should never, EVER be omitted from our productivity plan - is the one thing that is rarely mentioned, let alone practiced. And what’s this one essential thing? It is … that which stirs your soul.

If you’re anything like me, you can easily get lost in the frenzy of getting ahead (especially in today’s world!), all the while forgetting why you want to “get ahead” in the first place. Plus (and I know you’ve experienced this) both your creativity and productivity become stifled.

Your why - those things that stir your soul (big and small) should be the driving force behind your focus, because in addition to filling your life with joy and meaning, these things that stir your soul can increase your productivity. In other words, your brain actually works better when you take time to enjoy life!

Recently, I heard an expert speaking about the importance to take time off and “clear your head” in order to be more productive. He suggested taking a several-day vacation, once every 90 days, in order to focus on the “important” things in your life, re-energize and thus become more productive.

That’s fine, but I have a bit different perspective. I think that we all should be taking time each and every day to embrace the things in our lives that stir our soul. It might even be a part of your daily routine - a specific time each day when you meditate, sip a cappuccino, play with your children or walk the dog. But it’s also important to simply allow the space and opportunity for things to stir your soul, and to be willing to step away from the computer and enjoy a precious moment in your life - right now.

Take action in 3 steps:

Reflect on a stir your soul moment that you’ve recently experienced - something that made you stop and take notice - and be grateful for it. (If you’re having trouble coming up with one, then you’re way overdue!)

Make a decision today to allow space and opportunity for more things that stir your soul to happen. (You might even wish to write them down in a journal.)

Create a productivity plan - a daily routine - that includes time in your schedule for enjoying your life!

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