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bikram yoga 2 Bikram Yoga
Anyone know if there is Bikram Yoga in Athens?

I heard on tv someone was going to start a place with Bikram Yoga but didn’t hear the info.
Just found out someone else had asked previously in Y!A and had no answer either. Thank you for answering Super Gkomenara, but I am afraid none of the mentioned Yoga centers does Bikram Yoga yet.
About Turkey Ha, ha! good to know?

Here is a list of Yoga classes and instructors. One of them specifically mention BIKRAM (Patrick Fullan’s listing).

Here is Patrick’s website.

Introduction to Bikram Yoga

 Bikram Yoga

Manduka eQua Mat Towel


The Manduka eQua Mat Towel has been updated with a thicker and plusher build for better absorbency and increased traction when laid over a yoga mat. This durable, lightweight microfiber towel offers a soft, suede-like surface that is slip-resistant when moist, providing extra grip for sweaty hands and feet during intense yoga sessions. The eQua functions equally well as a germ-free gym towel to ab…

 Bikram Yoga

Kulae 74 x 25-Inch Yoga Towel


The kulae Hot Yoga Towel - Ocean is an antibacterial, antimicrobial, 100% recyclable, super-absorbent, hot yoga towel and is the perfect complement to the tpECOmat family of eco mats. The kulae Hot Yoga Towel has been specifically designed to give superior grip and traction to ensure proper positioning, without the risk of slipping. Our hot yoga towels are silicone and latex free and are machine w…

 Bikram Yoga

Manduka eQua HOT Yoga Towel


The super-soft eQua Hot yoga towel provides the ultimate in sweat management during high-intensity yoga sessions, making it ideal for Bikram, Vinyasa Flow, and Power Yoga. The towel is made of a double-knit microfiber with sheared loops, creating a super-plush finish with superior traction. No more slipping while setting your feet in downward dog. When spread over a yoga mat, the towel’s Split mic…

 Bikram Yoga

Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class Vol. 2


 Bikram Yoga

Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class Vol. 1


 Bikram Yoga

Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class


 Bikram Yoga

Raquel: Total Beauty and Fitness [VHS]


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