Left Shoulder Pain - Where Does This Pain Come From?


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Have you ever had shoulder pain?  It is tough to live with shoulder pain because if affects all upper body movement.  Do you wonder where this shoulder pain comes from?  Why does it affect one shoulder and not the other? Interesting isn’t it?

150x99 Left Shoulder Pain   Where Does This Pain Come From?

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Generally there is an emotion or an event in your life that has created or help create this pain in your shoulder.  If we dig deep down to the emotion of this physical manifestation, we can find the root cause and begin to shift the pain.  Awareness is the beginning of ‘getting to know’ where the pain came from or what is driving the shoulder pain.

Is the pain in your left shoulder or right shoulder?  Is the pain a sharp pain or a dull ache?  Is the pain debilitating or something you have lived with for some time?  You can put up with the pain because it has become a part of you.  In an odd way, it has become your friend because it has protected you from realizing the root issues for the pain origin.

Lets look at some of the emotions related to left shoulder pain.  First off, the left side of the pain is the female side of the body.  In contrast, the right side is the male side.  So we know there are some female energies driving the left shoulder pain in some capacity. Next shoulder pain tends to scream at us ‘everything always falls on my shoulders!”  Shoulders are the seat of responsibility and difficulties in this area reflect a feeling of being ‘over burdened.’

There is a fear of ‘heaviness’ of life and carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.  There may be associated emotions added to this heaviness such as feelings of guilt, anger, frustration, fear due to their belief of carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Next time you have shoulder pain, ask yourself these questions.  At the very least, just asking these questions of your shoulder can release or shift the pain. Awareness is the first step to healing your shoulder. Being aware you are dealing with responsibility issues or carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders may change your world! Of course there are different depths to everyone’s pain and degrees of pain.

In my ‘living a pain free lifestyle’ coaching program, we go deeper into the pain and drill down to get to the root causes. We get to the root emotions until the pain disappears or is greatly released. At times, the coaching is intense as we may have to tackle deep seated emotions or long held limiting beliefs. The bottom line is, we retract the pain, send it back to whence it became.

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Beautiful article! So right on target, so concise, and straight to the issue. Thank you so much! My shoulder pain relates to issues with mother (feminine), taking on too much responsibility, and being “stabbed in the back” (back to mother issue!) Knowing does help it to shift. I love your guidance & look forward to more.
Blessings, Love, Light, & Laughter!

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