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Go Ahead and Try It On Everything

By Colleen Lilly On October 9, 2008 Under EFT

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I want to introduce you to the “Try it On Everything” DVD.

In this DVD you will learn from the Masters ……

Dr Carol Look

Joe Vitale

Bob Proctor

Rick Wilkes

Jack Canfield

Dr Bruce Lipton

Dr Norm Shealy

Learn how people are overcoming pain, trauma, fear, depression, anxiety, emotional blocks, illnesses, childhood issues, phobias, PTSD, addictions etc.

This DVD shows you how to use a very simple techinique to overcome any issue in life.

Simply called “Try it on Everything.”

I highly recommend this DVD and I know you will be sending in testimonials like the people below.

Get ready to smile

Get ready to release

Get ready to feel better

Get ready to kiss pain good bye

Get ready for healing

Here is the Try it on Everything Link from the youtube video.

Testimonials about Try it on Everything.

I just rec’d my DVD yesterday, and by some miracle (that I so needed!!) both my boys were napping at the same time today and I got a chance to watch the movie beginning to end. I tapped along with everyone in the movie and at some point began to sob (not at all like me) and issues from my childhood came to the surface like oil on water and I believe I was able to begin to release some of the long pent up emotions and fears etc that have been holding me back and negatively impacting my health for many years. I know I still have work to do, but I wanted to express my gratitude to you for making this film available…thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I watched it immediately. With the opening scenes, I felt totally drawn into the experience. I smiled, I cried, and some really deep issues came up before the end. Because of what I learned from the DVD, and my tapping experience, I was able to start tapping on whatever comes up. Since then, I have watched the DVD twice, and more and more deep seated stuff continues to
bubble up.

What can I say! I followed your email instructions prior to receiving the movie and I had a mental picture of what I wanted to get rid of and then I watched the movie as you had suggested. I was blown away!!!! Totally powerful, intriguing and I could relate to it.

I just recently received the DVD that you so graciously gave to me. I’m so awestruck with the people that were chosen in this workshop. As I watched the film a lot of emotion was touched within me.

After searching for years and years of finding something that would “fix” me I believe I’ve finally found it. What a godsend to find EFT and the people who are involved with it. Thank you so much for reaching out to touch humanity and maybe a chance to change the world with the profound teachings of EFT.

Here is the Try it on Everything link that will make a difference in your life.

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