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Experience History and Tradition at Guatemala Country

Guatemala the Land of Forests; is also a land rich in Mayan culture. The original inhabitants prefer to name themselves by their own specific language dialects, which they say reflect their political divisions from the sixteenth century. Tourists come and visit every time of the year. If one wants to visit the country, they should plan their trip. They can get to know more about the Central American country by going to This website provides useful information about sightseeing, things to do and places to shop for people wanting to travel there.

Experience an exciting shopping at Guatemala market

Shopping at Guatemala markets can be exciting day for tourists. It has an array of various shops and collections for sale. From textile to modern household appliances, Guatemala offers sale of goods one wants to buy. If a person is unsure of what is available, they can always check out Guatemala-times.

guatemala - times

for items available in the local market. This website is a great resource for shopping under the sun and the different deals and prices of the products. Not only it provides readers articles for shopping but also a database on the place to visit, thing to do and safety and regulations of the country.

An adventurous day sightseeing Guatemala country

One can spend an adventurous day sightseeing the various spectacular landscape and far reaching historical civilizations from centuries ago. Because of the country’s cultural and historical importance of Mayan civilization one can visit the local museum to explore the history of the country and also take with them a memory back to their home country by shopping for artifacts and archaeological pieces. Also one can enjoy the local cuisine and taste of Central American foods at the local restaurants there. All these information are available at Guatemala-times.