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Is it possible to change someone else’s mood through energy healing?

Suppose a friend was temporarily feeling sad or happy. Is it at all possible to just will them into feeling the opposite by just thinking happy or sad thoughts?

If you had no contact with them, probably not. But that’s not really a question science can answer, because it deals with the supernatural, and by definition “supernatural” means something outside the realm of science. The only way you can think about the supernatural is to use logic; there aren’t any physical ways to test it.

It would be relatively easy to influence someone’s mood through social contact, though. People influence each other just by being in the same room. Your happy thoughts might make it obvious to them that you want them to be happy… and knowing someone cares often has exactly that effect.

Energy Healing by Vickie Parker

 Energy Healing

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 Energy Healing

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 Energy Healing

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 Energy Healing

Self-Healing with Sound and Music


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 Energy Healing

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 Energy Healing

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 Energy Healing

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