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bikram yoga 2 Bikram Yoga
Anyone know if there is Bikram Yoga in Athens?

I heard on tv someone was going to start a place with Bikram Yoga but didn’t hear the info.
Just found out someone else had asked previously in Y!A and had no answer either. Thank you for answering Super Gkomenara, but I am afraid none of the mentioned Yoga centers does Bikram Yoga yet.
About Turkey Ha, ha! good to know?

Here is a list of Yoga classes and instructors. One of them specifically mention BIKRAM (Patrick Fullan’s listing).

Here is Patrick’s website.

Introduction to Bikram Yoga

 Bikram Yoga

Manduka Standard Hot Yoga Towel


The newest edition to the eQuaTM Collection, the Hot Yoga Towel is a super soft, double knit micro*fiber towel for the ultimate sweat management. Designed for maximum absorption, it is the ideal accessory for any high intensity yoga session. When spread over the yoga mat, it forms a plush, sweat-trapping barrier and slip-resistant, hygienic foundation. For those that prefer their yoga hot, the eQu…

 Bikram Yoga

84 Classic Asanas Poster


This lovely, sepia toned poster is not only filled with the beautiful 84 Classic Asanas as performed by Tony Sanchez, Bikram’s most accomplished student, but the textured background and interesting design make it one of the prettiest posters we carry. Tony has reached back to the traditions of the ancient masters to bring us a series of 84 poses that form the basis for a complete hatha yoga practi…

 Bikram Yoga

Yoga Challenge 1 Poster


An excellent resource for all practitioners, especially popular with followers of Bikram Choudhury and Tony Sanchez. This poster has all the postures in the Bikram series plus additions by his top student, Tony Sanchez, which add variety and depth. Each posture is clearly demonstrated by Tony and labeled with the English language name for each pose. The poster is enhanced by interesting graphics, …

 Bikram Yoga

Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class


 Bikram Yoga

Bikram’s Lounge


Recording of music by yoga guru and friends. 12 tracks….

 Bikram Yoga

The Rhythm Yogi Experience


The Rhythm Yogi Experience, by Simon Daniells, Is the first Hot Yoga video, which incorporates movement, breath, and sound in a synchronized, choreographed yoga practice. Transitions from posture to posture are largely lead by music, and or sound cues accompanied by a minimal dialogue. This creates, and maintains a consistent, and highly conducive environment for a deep moving meditation, whilst …

 Bikram Yoga

Raquel: Total Beauty and Fitness [VHS]


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