Apply Your Will to Achieve Your Desire


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For several weeks I’ve been talking about will, one of the seven secrets of multimillionaire entrepreneurs.

As I’ve said, will is the mental muscle you use to hold the thought of your desire and keep away contrary thoughts. With your will, you can stay completely focused on what you want.

To help you apply your will effectively, here are 5 action steps.

1. Decide what you love.

The best use of your will is bringing about your deepest desire. To do that, you have to be honest about what that is.

At the top of a piece of paper write, “I really love doing this,” and then make a list of those things.

On your list will be your passion.

Now, decide to own it as yours.

2. Commit to removing temptations from your life.

When you’re seeking growth, temptations will arise to stop you.

Temptations are things that pull you away from your desired result. These can be what you think, what you watch on TV, the literature you read and the friends you associate with.

To identify temptations, ask yourself, “What do I end up doing when I should be doing what I love?”

Then remove that thing from your life.

Repeat that process until you’ve let go of everything that prevents you from following your desire.

3. Be inquisitive about your feelings of temptation. Don’t resist them.

When you notice yourself feeling a certain way, maybe somebody makes an offhand comment and your feelings are hurt, or you have negative or unproductive thoughts, or you find yourself being pulled in a direction you know you shouldn’t be going in, write down the thought, feeling or action.

Later, ask yourself, “Why was I thinking that?” “What was being triggered in me?” “Why did I feel that way?” Or “Why did I do that? Why did I allow myself to be pulled off course?”

Awareness is key. The clearer you become on what lies beneath your thoughts, feelings and actions, the easier it will be to keep yourself on track.

4. Release all ideas that are not in harmony with your desire.

Another way to put this is: “Who do you have to become to embrace your purpose?”

Let’s say a person’s purpose is to educate and inspire, yet he or she is prejudiced against certain groups. Those ideas are not in harmony with who that person wants to be and need to be released.

What negative attitudes and beliefs are holding you back? It’s likely they fall into these areas:


Make a list of your beliefs and attitudes for each category. Be honest and curious and don’t beat yourself up.

Once you identify the ideas that are not in harmony with your desire, decide to release them. Then use your will to keep them out.

5. Surround yourself with visual reminders of what to focus on.

These are things like great paintings, music, movies, magazines, books and friends.

My shelves are packed with books I love to read. I keep inspiring movies around me. I love all different kinds of music. I have some of the most phenomenal friends around the world.

Those wonderful resources keep me inspired and enable me to help others.

I also keep freshly cut flowers all around my house and office to keep me in a spirit of opulence.

What inspires you? What keeps you in a spirit of opulence? Make a list of those things.

And as much as you can, surround yourself with them.

Remember, Spirit wants you to have what you want even more than you do.

You only have to get out of your way.

Decide on your desire and stay completely focused upon it, identify and remove temptations and remind yourself daily that you’re worthy of abundance.

It really is that simple.

Apply your will effectively and your deepest desire can be yours.

By David Neagle

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